Monday, August 4, 2014

If this isn't dirty, I don't know what is...

This weekend, Ben and I spent some good quality time rolling around in about 1.6 million pounds of grade-A quality Wisconsin mud.  Now, before you go there, we participated in the Warrior Dash up in Johnson Creek, WI.  It was an exhausting mess of a run.  It was 3.3 miles, with several good climbing obstacles, gallons upon gallons of mud and even a small line of fire we were required to jump over.  It was fun, although at the time, you couldn't have paid me to do it again.  Look how happy we were when we were clean!

Before the mud bath
Admittedly, I was just as happy after the run, but that was largely due to the fact that I had a "free" beer in my hand (those of you who pay these race entry fees understand the meaning of "free") and the wisdom of knowing that my future was relatively free of giant, slimy mounds of mud that needed to be scaled.

The scary aftermath

By the end of it, after splashing down into a muddy pound and then floating our way across another length of mud, under some barbed wire of course, it was safe to say that there was mud in places that mud had never been before.  Including, but absolutely not limited to the nostril, my ears and a healthy handful that settled into my sports bra.  I easily walked away from there 3 pounds heavier, and it was all dirt.  Or mud.  Or clay.

The hardest part for me was hands down the so called mud mounds.  So picture this:

except, those pits are filled with brown water up to your thighs and the mounds aren't dirt, but straight slick clay.  I basically was a beached whale trying to claw my way over (you know, should whales have hands and claws).  Not only was it an intense work out, it was also definitely a lesson in learning to rely on your fellow members of the human race (and not caring that there was some random dude's hand on your butt shoving you up and over the 7 foot mud hill). Because, when it comes to surviving the warrior dash, we are all one, unified, dirty brown mass.

Ben said that next up is the Tough Mudder, I said that I needed more beer.

Hope your weekends were just as fun, not as dirty and preferably with no mud in places that mud should not be.

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