Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Coming Clean

So... I lied a little bit by omission on Monday.  Sorry about that.  But it was for good reason.  And now I am laying it all out on the table, so it's like I never even lied.  Here it is: The reason I had driven my car to Ben's work before we headed down to Sandwich, IL was because I left work early on Friday to look at some places to rent with Ben.

Because we're moving towards Chicago.

Because I have a new job.

Because, well, the times they are a' changing.

2014-09-10 07.14.24
And just when I got a cube with a view.

Yep, my last day with work will be this Friday.  Which is really weird, because being only 4.5 years out of college, this is the first for me.  Well, several firsts actually.  The first time I've written a letter of resignation.  The first time I've turned in my two weeks.  The first time I've tried to summarize all that I do into a neat 3 page document to be handed down to future back-filled me's.  It turns out that this process of quitting a job is over-whelming, mentally painful and not nearly as exciting as some hypothetical naive girl may think.  Honestly, the hardest part has been trying to put nice little ribbons on the packages of work I have lovingly cultivated, hand them off to a co-worker and not have the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that my little project baby is going to wither and die.  These handed-off tasks aren't any one's top priorities, I know that, but damn it, they are my stamp I am leaving behind.  Please don't let them wither and die.

While this strange, giving up feeling is hard to shake, and could easily fill a lamenting post, I am deciding to not focus on it at this minute.  Because this is exciting news time!  Not pity me because I have a new exciting opportunity and I'm leaving my not really all that loved job time. (As I typed that out I realized that it is a non-existent issue, a thing for which no pity should ever exist.  Really, it's not even a first world problem).

So, news.  Here it is.  My last day with GE will be this Friday.  As in three days.  I will start working at Siemens at the end of the month.  Yes, Siemens.  In the healthcare industry (which I am thrilled to re-enter, finally).  Also, the same Siemens where Ben works.  In the same building.  Which I am sure will get all sorts of interesting, so get ready for some posts on that subject...  We're moving out of Rockford and closer to Chicago.  On Saturday.  We found a place Friday that we are renting for the year.  And I am excited for it.

It has a large, albeit sparse, kitchen with new appliances.  It has enough bedrooms for Ben and I to both have our separate work spaces (don't hate, we are accepting this DINK life style wholeheartedly).  It has a garage and a yard and a small patio in the back.  Plus, it has a nice, big fenced in backyard, which can only mean one thing - Ben has a lot of mowing to do Team Fritsch is getting a dog! YAY!!!

Anyways, I wanted to come clean with this huge life event deal.  Because in the next two weeks, things are going to be nuts.  And I will blog about it.  Or at very least, plan to blog about it.  And then we get a puppy!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Fritsch Weekend Update

We put many miles on the car this past weekend, playing the part of college graduate nomads with our wonderful blow up mattress in tow.  It started out with me driving to Hoffman Estates on Friday, where we left my car in the parking lot at Ben's work and made our way down to the Sandwich Fair, in Sandwich, IL.  Now, Ben's family is a big deal down in Sandwich, as is evident by their permanent spot at the "Fritsch Oasis", and I have been told that the Fritsch name definitely holds some weight when it comes to fair judging.  So, this year, while I still had the shine on my new last name, I decided to enter the fair!  I entered the digital photography competition, submitting 12 photos in various categories.

2014-09-08 10.17.19
That's right, the Fritsch Oasis AND conversation station!  Keeping you company and keeping you cool

And, wouldn't you know, I came home with a ribbon!  It might not have been a pretty blue first place, but a ribbon is a ribbon, second place or not, and I am happy to say it also came with $5 monetary award (ice cream is on me!).  Needless to say, my first fair entering experience was a success.  What made it even sweeter was that the picture that won me the ribbon was one that I took on the day that Ben and I got engaged... ah...

2014-09-08 10.19.06
This is the face of a winner
We spent the night at Ben's grandpa, asleep on our amazing blow up mattress in the living room next to cousins and aunts.  It was a fun night, complete with nachos, warm brownies and a repeat showing of the Lego Movie.  It was good to spend time with the cousins, especially since some will soon be moving away to Kansas (super sad face...)

In the morning, after visiting the fair again (It is the second largest state fair in Illinois. Mad Respect!), we headed out to Notre Dame.  Our Fighting Irish had a night game against the always hated Michigan Wolverines.  We arrived there in time to grab some food and beers at a tailgate and then head into the stadium for the season's first night game.

Go Irish! Beat Wolverines!  Suck it Wolverines!
While the first drive or so may not have been the prettiest (I think we used all 3 first half timeouts within the first 5 minutes), we soon pulled away.  The rest of the game was spent, I am incredibly happy to report, kicking some Wolverine ass.  I am still a little confused about the last play of the game, but I don't feel too bad about that because 1.) Everyone is still a little confused about what happened there and 2.) We OWNED Michigan.  31-0.  As is shut out.  As in, GO IRISH!

2014-09-08 10.19.53
Please ignore the strange clasping of my hands.  I was mid-clap for this panoramic
Anyways, we spent the night at the house of my roommate from college, once again blowing up our beloved air mattress (don't hate, I love our air mattress), took her to breakfast in the morning and drove straight home to Rockford.  And it wasn't until we were pulling into the driveway of our apartment, that we remembered that I had parked my car in the parking lot of Ben's work.  In Hoffman Estates.  Which we had passed on the way home an hour ago. Sigh...

All in all, besides the 2 hours of backtracking needed to go pick up JoJo the Jetta, a good weekend full of books on tape, tailgating food and winners.

Your Fritsch Weekend Update was brought to you by Cameron's Jamica Me Crazy coffee.  Because every Monday morning of mine is most likely brought to you only through the use of hot coffee.