Wednesday, November 19, 2014

26 Going on 27

young 8
This adorable girl turns 27 tomorrow.  That's right, the big 2-7
Tomorrow I turn 27. I have only one task thought on this event, and it's not particularly insightful. My only real qualm is that 27 doesn't sound as sexy as 26. Not that the grand age of 26 is all that sexy, but it really beats out the sound of "I am 27 years old".

Maybe its because 26 is an even number. Or because 26 only has 3 syllables, and 27 breaks into the 4 syllable range. Or maybe it's because you are still in your mid 20's when your 26. And 27, well 27 is basically 30. That's right folks, we are on the slow march to 30.
baby 4
Or is it more of a climb?  I am a good climber
Anyways, this will be my last post at the somewhat sexy, but definitely sexier than 27, age of 26. And the only reason I had to write was simply to say that my birthday is tomorrow, that I am getting old and that I don't particularly like the sound of "I'm 27".  At least not yet. We'll see where the year takes us.


  1. I'm sure you're going to love 27! And if it makes you feel any better, the entire year I've been 26, I keep telling people I'm 27 and have had to catch myself. So I basically just skipped over 26 and will probably just move on to 28 this next year.

    1. In the last week I have managed to introduce myself as both 24 and 27.... so, I guess 28 isn't too much a stretch. It's too hard to remember ages, I think from now one I'm going to just answer late 20's. Accurate enough, right? And it'll work for the next 2 years!