Monday, February 2, 2015

Fritsch Weekend Update: Snow, Superbowl and More Snow

Hint: it involved a shit-ton of snow.

Sorry about the cussing mom...
Starting Saturday night, while we were in the movies, all the way through the Superbowl on Sunday, it snowed.  And blew snow.  And then snowed some more.  According to, we got 16 inches.  I would not have guessed that much, but I know nothing about snow and usually enjoy my naivety.  The snow forced my hand (ha) and made me stay in day all of Sunday.  Ben too, except for when he was brave enough to go shovel the accumulations off the driveway.  Luckily, we had gone to mass on Saturday afternoon, not-so-luckily, the Superbowl party we had planned for the day feel through.  It ended up being an intimate party of 2, with many cheddar swirl buns enhaled and about 7 pounds of chalupa left over.

Ok, I went out once with the dog while Ben was shoveling.  That is our poor dog.  Don't feel bad, he loved it.
Side note:  what I grew up calling chalupa is more like the filling of a chalupa, since chalupa in Spanish apparently means "small boat", and refers to the shell which holds the yummy filling.  Either way, it is still delicious and what we will be eating all week as leftovers.

Saturday was a busy day for us, as we assumed we were having people over the next night for the big game.  We did a massive grocery shopping trip, as well as a good cleaning of the house.  We decided to go see American Sniper as a reward for a day of hard work.  The movie was good, sad and intense.  And I cried at the end.  It took a good several minutes for me to stop crying.  I told Ben that it wasn't a normal movie cry, but a sad cry.  Like in The Green Mile.  Where you feel the sadness all the way inside.  He agreed, although he's never seen The Green Mile (What?!?).  It was a quiet, bummed out ride home through the falling snow.  As I said, good movie, but sad and very intense.  Be ready to hide your eyes in your partner's armpit at least 2 times.

Those bushes are now unidentifiable under the mounds of snow
Sunday involved making the above mentioned 7 pounds of chalupa, cleaning and cutting veggies and making Smitten Kitchen's delectable cheddar swirl buns.  Then learning that no one could make it through the snow, putting on sweatpants and watching the game with the husband and eating more cheddar swirl buns than just two people should eat.  Got really excited about the game, and then really mad about a stupid play call.  Then miss the big fight at the end, because someone had shut off the TV before the end of the game.

In other news, don't ask Ben about the game.

Lastly, this is the only good thing about Monday morning:

12 buns, gone in less that 12 hours.  So delicious, I don't even care.

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