Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Energy In = Energy Out

I was at lunch a few Fridays ago with some of the girls from work (sushi… yum) and the conversation turned to the two newly married gals and what life was like now.  We shared the typical “it’s not all that different” stories and then I launched into how it was great actually, since Ben has basically taken over doing the laundry.  I told an anecdote about his sorting system, how we now had 4 hampers in our bedroom, how I still wasn't quite sure what clothes went into which one and how I get yelled at when I put my work shirt in the dark colored good clothes hamper and not the light color good load hamper where it belonged (I’m still confused about that one…).  We all had a good laugh and someone proposed that I start a blog about life as a new married couple.  I shrugged the suggestion off, citing my failed attempt at a cooking blog, and returned to my miso-ginger salad.

But the idea festered. 

It would be easier than a cooking blog.  There would be no need to stop sautéing the mushrooms in order to stand on a chair and awkwardly lean over a hot stove, just to get a picture.  No guilt that I should be trying new recipes, when really all I want to make is the same recipe I've made 4 weeks in a row because damn it, it’s the best pizzacrust ever.   And, most importantly, no denying myself and the significant other the pleasure of actually eating hot, delicious food instead of trying desperately to get the perfect, finished shot before the sun disappears and hey, would you look at that, the food’s cold, again  (coincidentally, the worst thing about food blogging ever).

Adding more fuel to the “maybe I should do this”, I love writing.  I think of things to say and then spend half my afternoon enjoying ruminating on the thought until I’ve found the right words to express it.  Plus, I've convinced myself over the years that I am, in fact, pretty witty and clever.  And apparently, between our newlywed antics and my fabulous story telling ability, The Husband and I are funny.  Maybe.  And maybe this could work.

So, with Ben’ full support (which I have it in writing, thank you Gmail!) and a handful of potential writing topics, I’d like to welcome you to Energy In Equals Energy Out, a place where I basically get to ramble on in the name of ever increasing entropy.  

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  1. Two quick thoughts

    1st - this "In Law" is glad you are here in the Midwest.
    2nd - you are using words like Entropy & Energy which = Engineer