Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sick Day

I am home sick today with ridiculous stomach cramps.  I'm not really even sure what it is, but we have ruled out both appendicitis and pregnancy, so that's good news.  Anyways, sick or not, you can only nap so long and watch so much Netflix before your brain needs a little more simulation.  Which is exactly why I have you guys, right?

I racked my sick brain for thoughts about what to write, looked at pictures for inspiration and moaned about my stomach hurting a little bit.  After all of that, I finally settled on an idea: The Top 5 Movies to Watch when you are Sick.  A whole world of internet readers and its best that I can come up with, but hell, give me a break, my tummy hurts, remember?

So, here we are, from my couch to yours, the best movies to watch to take your mind off whatever is ailing your body.

#5 - UP

When you are sick, a Disney classic is a must.  When I was 7 or 8, I would have opted for a more traditional Little Mermaid or the Great Mouse Detective, but as we grow, our taste grow with us (or so I have been told).  Anyways, these days, I am reaching for Up, a box of tissues and my tea.

#4 - Juno

Pregnant, sarcastic teenage girl, with a cheerleader best friend and the runner up for best Dad in America.  Basically all the support you need when  you are feeling like crap.

#3 - You've Got Mail, or, When Harry Met Sally

A rom-com is another necessity when you are feeling poopy.  Even better, a romantic comedy featuring none other than Meg Ryan, because when she cries, we all feel it.  And when she loves, we feel that too.  Plus, if she looks that good when she is sick, than obviously we do too, right??

#2 - American's Next Top Model

Ok, obviously not a movie, but if you are lucky enough to have a marathon of ANTM going while you are sick and confined to the couch, you have hit the day time TV jackpot.  Nothing will help you feel better faster than whiny skinny girls taking beautiful pictures.  And then being picked apart mercilessly for the same photos that moments before you thought were awesome.  Bonus points if it's season 2.

#1 - Stranger Than Fiction
This one never fails me.  A movie to restore your faith in humanity, literature and Will Ferrell's acting career.  On top of that, it provides such a juxtaposition of real, raw emotion with subtle everyday comedy.  It is simply brilliant.  And easy enough to tackle while stuck in your jammies on the couch.

There we go.  The 5 movies guaranteed to at least take your mind off of how much your tummy hurts, at least for 20 minutes at a time.  And if that still fails, go with a nap.  You can never go wrong with a nap.

Here's to feeling better soon!

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