Saturday, May 10, 2014

To My Mother

Dear Mom – With Mother's Day tomorrow, on top of the traditional coffee gift, I wanted to also let you know how wonderful you are.  And, seeing as I have a public forum in which to do it, I thought I would officially publish it for all the internet to see, a thank you for all the things that I probably never said thank you for before.  There is so much that I am thankful for, essentially a million thank you's for the your infinite love and support.  Here's my attempt to start saying them all.
young 3
Thank you for not giving up on me when I didn’t understand how to tie my shoes as a child.  You had your doubts, I know, but you kept trying.  Who knew that all we needed was a left-handed person to show me?

Thank you for buying me left-handed scissors and for trying me to show me how to do baking things left-handed.
Thanks for letting me borrow your jewelry.  I am still really sorry I lost that one clip-on earring in the sandbox at school.  Seriously, I still feel bad about it.

Thanks for volunteering at school stuff.  Looking back now, that was really cool.  Plus, it meant that sometimes I got to roam the halls at school on Saturday when it was almost empty.  That was the coolest thing to a 4th grader. 

Thanks for not throwing away my memories… (for the rest of the internet, that’s an inside joke).

Thank you for taking me to the Clinque counter on my 13th birthday and buying me makeup.

Thank you for teaching me how to shop the clearance racks like a pro.

Thank you for teaching me how to ride the bus and trusting me with a summer bus pass.

Thank you for later, when I had my license, taking the bus yourself to work so that I could have a car.

Thank you for always making me milk rice whenever I wasn't feeling well or just had really terrible cramps or just a truly terrible day.  It made the bad things instantly better. 

Thank you for coming to all my volleyball games, basketball games and track meets.  Especially the track meets.  Those were terribly long, boring and hot.  But you sat through them all.

And, while we’re at it, all the orchestra concerts between 5th and 8th grade.  Let’s be honest, we weren’t deserving of an audience till at least freshman year.

Thank you for teaching me to be cautious and ever aware of the ankle-slasher and other scary threats hanging out in dark parking lots.

Thank you for always thinking to take pictures of me in my most adorable, and questionable, fashion-forward moments.

happy young 11
Thank you for making a crap-ton of paper tissue balls for my wedding.
And thank you for not complaining that I didn't help to make any of them.

Thanks for sharing your crossword puzzles with me.

Thank you for understanding exactly why I felt guilty about Grandma Tilly's funeral and visiting Grandma Laura and Grandma Esther.

Thank you for making me go visit anyways.

Thank you for lying so well about the chances of Ben proposing to me.  It was a complete surprise because of you when he finally did (and who knew you could lie so well!?!)

Thank you for going skydiving on your 50th birthday and showing me that age is simply just a number.
Most of all, thank you for being my mother, my support, my shoulder to cry on.  Over the years, I know I was difficult and annoying, but never once did I question your love for me.  I wish more than anything that I could be there tomorrow with a big hug and a bottle of wine to share while you tell me the story (once more) about my "memories".  I love you mom, Happy Mother's Day!

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