Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dream Apartment

One particularly rough days at work, or more accurately days that I just really, really don't want to be there, I spend a small chunk of time day dreaming about our next apartment.  The spaciousness of the kitchen, the ideal proximity to actual things to do and places to go, the ability to maybe finally own a grill.  I daydream and then I do a quick Google search and try to find Ben and I the perfect apartment.

And yesterday I totally found it.
It's an exercise that allows me to escape for a few minutes and encourages my inner nester/interior designer to come out and play for a little while.  And it makes me happy, searching the web for the best floor plans and the best locations, then letting my imagination run wild at the whole world of possibilities out there.

It always ends in an email to Ben to the extent of "I want to live here!" followed by a link.   Yesterday, however, just may be the first time that the link actually lead him to what I truly believe is our perfect future home.  A wonderful 1 bedroom apartment, totally within our price range (actually, on the low side even...) in Oak Park.  I am in love.

It is perfect:
  • Less than a mile (aka walking distance) from BOTH Trader Joe's and Whole Foods AND the public library.
  • A similar jaunt will land you at a station for the Green Line, 12 stops to the city
  • Pet Friendly
  • At least 4 parks in a 1 mile radius (important for the aforementioned puppy)
  • An actual, real sized kitchen with counter space and cabinet space - not the normal city-tiny things they normally try to pass off as kitchens
  • And, yes, ok, shared laundry facilities, but I promised Ben I wouldn't complain too much about that
Our Future Home
So, needless to say, I pestered Ben until he agreed that we could go look at it.  There's not too much harm in that... It does come available on August 1, so who knows?  This might actually work out.  And until then, I will be daydreaming about how we will arrange the furniture and where we keep the dog bed and the color of the accent wall for the kitchen.  Home sweet home...

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