Saturday, June 14, 2014

Things My Father Taught Me

Tomorrow is Father's Day.  The day where we all leave Dad alone to watch TV on the couch to his heart's content while we make him steak and German chocolate cake for dinner.  It's also the day to take a minute to look at your Dad and realize how great life has been because of the man.  I've been taking this last week to do just that.  While I am thankful for a great number of things my father has done for me over the years, what I may just be most thankful for is the great number of things that my father has taught me.  I am a strong, loud, loving and (I believe) well-balanced young woman and I know that each step I have taken to get here was influence by at least one of the many lessons of my father.  And for that, I will always be thankful. 

family 9

Things My Father Taught Me:

How to drive.  And equally as important, how to verbally vent your frustration at other drivers while driving.

Every 70's song worth knowing, including Dead Skunk and the Jesus Christ, Superstar soundtrack.

The story behind the band name "Three Dog Night".

How to hit a ball and not to just sit in the outfield with my glove on my head.

How to dance.

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How to write well.  College applications, book reports, blog posts.

Similarly, your first draft is never your final draft.  Spend the time to make it better.

Your family (sisters especially) might piss you off and purposeful push all your buttons until you are screaming mad, but they are your family and the best thing that will ever happen to you. 

And that one day my sister and I will be good friends, that I need just give it time (Dad - you were right!).

That persistence pays off.  Being borderline annoying can bring about happy results, it shows your commitment.

All the good Spanish swear words.  The English ones too for that matter, although they are not as fun.

There is no shame in drinking Schnapps, rootbeer, cinnamon or otherwise.

When giving a speech, you can just "wing it" and still have great results.

Cereal can be dessert.

That the boy that I marry had best ask him before he asks me (he did, and Dad said yes!)

That reading is a great habit.  You should do it often.

How to have thick skin and not let the teasing and the chiding get to you.

How to take score at a baseball game.

That women's basketball is just as good as men's basketball, except the women play with more passion and better teamwork.

To always play to win. 

family 4

Right, wrong, crazy or mean, your coach/teacher/boss is your coach/teacher/boss and deserve both your respect and your compliance.

Haste makes waste (this one took a few times to sink in though, I admit).

How to make Pork Chop Supreme.

No one will ever love me as fiercely as my mother (although Dad is a close second).

Happy Father's Day Daddy.  I love you always. 
Love, your favorite daughter


  1. Thank you, Pookie! I always tell people the greatest treasures of my life are my wife and kids! I am so very blessed! I love you, Albert and Katy and I think about you guys all the time. You kids and your beautiful Mom have all made me a better man!

    1. I love you too Dad!! Hope you had a great Father's Day!