Monday, June 2, 2014

The Great Balk

Is it possible, that after only 12 posts in, I have lost my burning desire to be a blog writer?  Apparently, the answer is yes.  I actually have 2 posts locked and loaded, ready to shoot, but I am afraid to pull the trigger.  Mostly because once they have deployed, what will I write about?  Our happy little married life is sweetly mundane.  I can't exactly write about work.  And the most excited thing to happen to me over the weekend was that the next Game of Thrones book that I reserved at the library finally came in.  Oh!  And we took the most glorious 2 hour nap on Saturday afternoon.  Obviously, I am not the vast treasure trove of writing themes that I had previously thought.
Balking, as nature intended it.
So, naturally, my first instinct is to balk.  It is my tried and true natural human response.  I have been perfected the art form since I was 3 years old.

I'm not climbing Mom... Dad said I could be up here!
There are many situation in which the balk is not only important, but entirely appropriate.  These situations include, but are obviously not limited to:
  • When your mom asks how those college applications are coming along
  • When the ticket from that red light camera finally comes in the mail
  • On Monday morning when your husband asks what's for breakfast and you're just eating cereal
  • When your doctor asks if you've been taking those supplements she suggested last time to help counteract your insanely high triglyceride count
  • Or when your chiropractor asks if you've been doing the exercises he recommended to help strengthen your back
  • When someone at works ask who wants to cover for them while they are out on vacation
Anyways, for those slow on the uptake, this entire post was a balk (I told you, I am a natural.  I believe my parents would attest to that...).  But, it's the best kind of balk since it is only acting as a buffer, just the slightest pause of hesitation, pending the re-ignition of that old creative spirit o' mine.  I'm sure soon that the river of inspiration will begin to flood once again.  But, if you're feeling generous and want to throw some writing suggestions down there in the comments, I promise I won't balk at those...


  1. Write about how much you love math.

  2. Write about how you and Ben are gonna pull a Meachum ;-)

  3. Write about what a ferocious middle linebacker you were back in the day... and how many of your roommate's shirts you ripped. Although she did pump fake you out of your cleats one time.

  4. Write about how happy you are that you don't have Ben's commute every morning. Ok, I would give you more suggestions, but the CAPTCHAs are getting harder and harder each time, so I better stop.

    1. Haha, ok, for starters... they probably could have all been in one comment :) And now for my replies:
      1. I wrote my college entrance essay on that. I wouldn't want to plagiarize myself...
      2. I don't know what that means, only that it is referring to House of Cards, in which case, YES ALWAYS YES
      3. Heck yeah. They were always your favorite shirts too. Although, I think you just said that to make me feel guilty. And I feel like you just want another shout out!
      4. True, but I'm sad he has to. And I may be taking that on myself soon enough. Sad face

    2. 1. I want to read your college entrance essay, thus, the reason I want you to blog about it.
      2. Um, no, you don't want to really pull a Meachem. I am refering to Meachem on the night they all got drunk together.
      3. Only the first one was actually one of my favorite shirts. I learned my lesson after that. And I think it was actually only you 1 of those times too.
      4. Mission accomplished with your last post.

    3. EEwwwww.... I get the Meachem reference now. And EEEEWWWW.

      Let me see if I can find my college entrance exam essay. It may have been lost to posterity...