Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Great Blogging Balancing Act

I was not an internet presence back when the good old days of blogging first began (Although I did have a pretty baller MySpace page), but I imagine them through very rose-colored glasses, using the movie Julie and Julia as my only real frame of reference.  That being said, I still feel pretty confident saying that gone are the blog days where you just threw out your words into a predetermined template and hit publish.  This is no longer an acceptable form of blogging.  Now you need to know things about coding and html, you need to know about graphics and how to design.  Words are no longer enough.  You need GIF’s and vlog’s (what the?) and bonus points are given for pictures of your cat doing adorable things.  I don’t own a cat.  And despite my daily whining on the subject, Ben still won’t let me have a dog.
Surprisingly enough, how I also look at work the majority of the time.
I started this blog to improve and practice my writing, with the goal of one day maybe entering the forces of freelance writers.  I have even picked out the perfect post I was going to rewrite and reedit and turn into my grand paid-writer debut.  But do you know how often I have looked at it to do the rewrites and the reedits?  Yeah, that would be one big old fat goose egg.  I did print it out many moons ago, but I don’t even know where that print out ended up.  And I’ve been too lazy to print it out again.

Do you know what I have been doing instead?  Instead of writing, I am worrying about taking good thematic pictures or fighting with Photoshop Touch trying to make it do what I want to said picture.  I’m stressing out over clever things to write and pretty blog designs and just in general wondering how do I get those extra few pages visit to my page?  I’m pretty sure this is the curse of every blogger: finding that balance between actually enjoying the writing aspect while all the while keeping up your showiness for the Jones's.  And unfortunately, most of the time the scales are tipping towards appearances and showmanship, not solid content.

I don't really have an answer for this, I just wanted to take the time to write it out.  Sometimes the act of putting the words down on paper (or, you know, blogger) helps to sort out the thoughts a little better, for me at least.  And isn't acknowledgement of the issue the first step in everything?

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