Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fritsch House Tour

Time to make good on some promises.  Last week, I said that I was going to take my time explaining all the fun life choices and changes that have happened over the past month.  And in the interest of not forever lagging about 3 weeks behind current day, I need to get started on the catch up posts.   So, let's begin, shall we?  Starting with the house!  Cause that is where we live now, a house.  No more apartments for this young married couple.  No sir'ee.  We have a yard and a lawn mower is on its way to us from an Amazon warehouse as we speak (apparently that is my first instinctual definition of a house...)

Let's start.  Our house, while relatively new, is quirky. 

House tour 1
Why yes, I do own a 14 inch knife.  We use it to cut pizza.
The kitchen is wonderfully large, with 2 side by side sliding glass doors that lead into the backyard that have a way of making the kitchen look all that much bigger and more open.  Yet, even with this vast expanse of a kitchen, it somehow manages to have less cabinet and counter space than our old apartment.  It's a real conundrum.  It also helps to lead us to the part of the tour where I get to say mysterious things like: “Creative solutions are in the works”.  

The fun thing about this house is that it provides ample opportunity for creative solutions in many rooms.  Some of the creative solutions that we are thinking about for the kitchen include the customized coffee station that I have been PINing after on Pinterest (haha, get it?? PINing, aka obsessively pinning on PINterest.  I am a clever girl) and making our own butcher block island (because that sounded more fun that just straight out buying one from Ikea).  So, stay posted to see if time vs. money wins out in that scenario.
House tour 1
Our backyard, seen through the kitchen.  There are TWO bunnies eating our clover. 
You get the kitchen either through our one car garage (we are happy to have a garage, but Ben is bummed because that most likely means that his car will be the one left out in the snow) or the living room.  As of right now, the living room is a mess.   Ok, most of the house is a mess, but I have justifications for the living room.  We can’t really put anything away because we don’t know where it will go.  We are somewhat patiently awaiting the arrival of the couches we ordered way back in August.  They are scheduled to be delivered on Thursday (YES, YES, YES), and once that has happened, we are hoping to settle things a little more in the living room.  Talks concerning how the actual arrangement have not gone too well so far, but we are hoping their physical presence will help sort out the what goes where conversation.  If nothing else, we can finally enjoy the oversized plushness of our new couches.  Personally, I am planning a nap of epic proportions that first weekend, followed by at least one hour of reading curled up on the comfy chair.

Down the hallway we have tiny bathroom number one and all four bedrooms.  As previously mentioned in a post of yore, why yes, we are DINKs and are renting a four bedroom house to be occupied by only 2 people.  And I am happy about it, because it means that I have an office, Ben has an office and we even have space for an official guest bedroom.  Granted, not a single one of those rooms is actually operational at the moment.  We can’t seem to find the bar that is basically holds the top of my desk on to the legs of my desk, so those large pieces are floating around my office.  We still have the saw horses that Ben used for the bottom of his old desk, but never replaced the cheap $6 door that he was using as a desktop after not bothering to move it when Ben moved in with me at Rockford.  And Ben’s old bed frame, somewhere in the past few moves, got bent pretty badly out of shape.  I used to think he kept his mattress on the floor of his old apartment simply out of lazy bachelorhood, but it turns out the bed frame isn’t exactly functional.  And a new one costs $50 on Amazon, so we’re going to continue to try and straighten it out for a last a few weeks, or until our first house guest comes and forces our hand.
House tour 1
My office.  Sadly enough it has earned the title of messiest room in the whole house.  Frowny face.
House tour 1
Ben's office, with a keyboard, newly purchased printer and a bag of wet shoes from this weekend.
House tour 1
This is as far as we have gotten in the best bedroom.  Pretend the bed frame doesn't lean like the tower of Pisa
House tour 1
Our bed.  One day soon, hopefully there will be something on the empty wall behind it.
House tour 1
Tiny bathroom #2!  It basically looks the same as #1, just with more stuff in it.  Yay Ikea spice shelves!
Our bedroom does have the proud opportunity to be connected to tiny bathroom number two, as well as two in the wall closets and a large window across one wall.  Would I have liked to have had a walk in closet and a bathroom with at least one functioning door?  You betcha.  But things being what they are, we figured we are only really sleeping and getting ready in that room.  The rest of the house, quirks and all, will be sheltering us most of the time.  And this way, it really limits my purchasing of shoes.  Which at least Ben is happy about.

So, there you have it.  The first, rather quick, tour of the Fritsch household.  Once a few more things have found their forever home, we will revisit the subject, hopefully with some actual things hung on the wall and at least one place (besides the kitchen table) to actual sit down. 


  1. Love your backyard!! Looks like it's just screaming for a puppy :)

    1. A puppy and an awesome backyard party!