Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Update: Holes Are in the Walls!

I'm going to try and do more weekend updates.  Mostly because my mom is the main reader of my blog and she loves that kind of stuff, but also because we're huge bums during the week.  Basically, we go work out, I make dinner, there is some cleaning involved (usually of the kitchen), Ben is glued to the kitchen table studying (although, he is currently trying out the couch as a study spot... oh... the excitement!) and, well, it's boring.  At least we can pretend to be exciting during the weekend.  Even if the most exciting thing we do in a given weekend is finally put some holes in our wall.  That's right folks.  We hung something!

2014-10-13 20.15.46
And then promptly bought more wine to fill it up with!

As exciting as hanging, functional decorations are, other things were accomplished as well.  For starters, I did my best to play the best wife card on Saturday, and Ben came home from school to homemade apple cake and from-scratch pot pies in the oven.  Ben loves a good pot pie.  Seriously, loves.  We had to register for some Fiestaware on our registry simply because the pretty every day bowls we registered for were not oven friendly.  And that would mean that I had the best excuse ever would never make him pot pie.  That's right, we have bowls whose sole purpose in our lives is the be a pot pie vessel.  And how many times have I loving prepared this dish for my husband?  Counting this last batch, a grand total of ONE.  (Well, the recipe was for 4, and I baked 2 Saturday, then 2 again on Sunday.  That counts as two, maybe?) As I previously mentioned, I am in the running for the best wife award this year...

Before spending the afternoon making Ben's food-related dreams come true, I spent the morning on my most recent Pinterest dream (mentioned here).  That's right folks.  We are the sort of dorky DINKs who officially bought furniture for the sole purpose of a coffee bar.  And I love it.  Not only does it completely free up some incredibly valuable counter space real estate in my kitchen, but it also gives me a whole new surface to put seasonally relevant decorations on!  I am thrilled, to say the least. It gives us some extra storage, its pretty and cheery to look at every morning, especially with a hot pot of coffee on it, and it's teal! Every time I look at it, there's a warm, fuzzy feeling that rises up inside me, sweetly whispering "Pinterest Dreams really do come true...".
Furniture from Target, Threshold collection in teal,whisk picture from my beautiful cousin Tina, via, and flowers from my husband, are over a week old and still look great.  Magic Flowers!

Other things of note this weekend: Notre Dame is still undefeated, but it wasn't exactly the prettiest game.  I got all the fun things necessary to tackle another Pinterest idea, which I am hoping to start and complete tonight.  My office is starting to actually look like an office, even though we still haven't found the necessary hardware for my desk (super sad face).  Laundry was done and several episodes of Fraiser were watched on our new couch.  Oh!  And we broke in our new lawn mower!  By we, of course, I mean that Ben mowed the lawn and I watched, coffee cup in hand, as he cranked it up for the first time.  No hands or fingers or other digits were lost and our backward looks great now.  I want to have a party in it... if only the rest of the house were up to snuff.  It was a solid weekend (besides losses by both the Steelers and the Seahawks, although my Fantasy teams are looking strong this week).  We couldn't really complain when Monday morning came around, a cheerful coffee bar and leftover apple cake for breakfast will do that to you.
Looking good in some Ray-Bans. Yay for husbands

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