Thursday, October 30, 2014


Finally, tomorrow is Friday.  This whole week has just acted as a giant mud pit for me to struggle though, simply to finally get to Friday. While maybe this sounds like an exaggeration to most, to me it is very true.  I have been waiting for this particular Friday for what feels like forever.

For those of you who know me, patience is not my strong point. Actually those who know me know what a complete understatement that is. I am impatient to the point that I make children waiting to dive headfirst into a pillowcase full of Halloween candy seem calm.  So, it's amazing to realize that I have somewhat patiently been waiting for OVER FOUR YEARS now to bring a puppy into my heart and home. And, finally, at the end of this agonizingly long week, we get to bring our little puppy home. Excited doesn't even start to describe my feelings about tomorrow afternoon.

In preparation for bringing the new love of my life home, for the last few weeks, I have been nesting. That is a thing for a new puppy, right?

2014-10-30 08.38.14
A personalized Lord of the Strings puppy bed, plus the cutest little elephant toy ever

We have bought a kennel for our puppy to use as their own little space.  I made a little puppy bed out of an old pillow and hubby's old high school band shirt (side note: they called themselves Lord of the Strings… and were a LOTR cover band. My husband was a mighty cool kid). We've been buying treats like they are going out of style. The restraint I have shown whenever I end up in the dog toy aisle in Target (which has been a surprisingly high number of times in the last few weeks) is almost saintly.  She still has plenty of toys and I am sure will get many more in the coming months.  We've puppy-proofed to the best of our knowledge and gone through lists and lists of adorable girl puppy names (we are waiting to finally meet her before officially naming her).  Some many hours, conversations and Amazon purchases have been geared towards this moment, when we finally get to bring her home.  I don't think I could wait another minute.

2014-10-30 08.35.07
Our latest haul of treats.  She is going to be spoiled...

But I have to.  Cause it's still Thursday.  And we don't get to take her home until FRIDAY.  I will get about as much sleep as kids on Christmas Eve.  In other words, none.

This is going to be one loved puppy:

She is so DAMN CUTE.  I cannot stand it

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