Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Moanings

Sad, but true
I woke up this morning hoping against all hope that it was later in the week than just Tuesday. I pulled my tired butt out of bed and discovered, as it turns out, it was only just Tuesday. I started my weekday morning routine. And then, as I was getting breakfast ready, I dropped two of our bowls on the floor where they exploded like ceramic fireworks. I spent the next eleven minutes giving our floor an incredibly thorough sweeping. Let me tell you, it was a fun, curse-word-free morning.

Is it karma that I want to use the internet for the sole sake of complain mere days after I wrote a post delineating just how happy I was? Probably. So, I will resist the urge. As well as the urge to make a list of "Things I am Excited for", in the hopes of turning around this drab Tuesday afternoon mood. Besides, I only came up with two things anyways…

In conclusion, may your week be progressing a little faster, and with less broken dishes, than mine.

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